Stadium Seats

Stadium seats are produced in a variety of models and materials to ensure that spectators in the stands can watch the competitions and events comfortably and comfortably.
It is very important that viewers watch events safely as well as comfortably.
UEFA and FIFA have stated that having a seat for each viewer has an important role to play in minimizing audience outbursts and maintaining control.
Stadium seats are produced to withstand weather conditions and impacts and to protect against sun rays.
We have a wide range of alternatives from models with and without back rears, vip protocol seats, and folding seats with plastic or leather production.

Foldable Stadium Seat

Backless 2-Hole Tribune Seat

Spare Gaming Chair Comfortable

Inflatable Type Stadium Seat
4 Holes Tribune Seat with Backrest

Our references

Bodrum Stadium

Bornova Doğanlar Stadium


Altındağ Atatürk Stadium

İstanbul Violand


Dumlupınar Stadium

Fenerbahçe Şükrü Saracaoğlu Stadium


VIP Seat Application

Manisa Muradiye Sports Facilities