Fabric Cradle Transport Pallets

Used in textile and textile manufacturing companies in the stocking and shipping of cloth batch.

It is made of steel construction. The entire steel construction system is covered with hot dip galvanized methods to increaseresistance to corrosion.

It can be produced in the desired dimensions.

Products can be stacked. It’s a stock product that the raw fabric warehouses and textile companies prefer to stock cloth batch.

Metal pallets are an integral part of any distribution centers and a warehouses. Designed as flat structures, these pallets help stack materials, goods, and equipment.

These integral material handling systems ensure efficient storing/shipping of products with minimal damage. The pallets are engineered to ensure the safety of people handling them.

Equipped with a flat support structure, these pallets won’t collapse or roll while being lifted by a forklift, pallet jack, or other jacking devices.

Unlike wooden pallets, metal pallets have a long life span & offer a wide range of benefits over traditional wooden pallets. They are designed to replace traditional wooden pallets.