Sporcim, as the leading company in terms of production time, cost and service life in the portable and telescopic tribunes it manufactures, provides international quality standards.
Sporcim was established with the belief of customer satisfaction without compromising the understanding of “Ethical Quality” and growing together with its employees by creating long-term buyer-supplier relationships based on trust.


Production, Project, Assembly time

Environmental Protection

Recyclable Material

High Benefit Functional use

Multi-functional use with its removable, divisible, attachable structure

Easy Shipping

Storage Transport Ease

33 Years in the Industry

Example firm that has completed successful projects

Sports Facilities, Tribunes, Stadium Seats, Sports Equipment

All about sports facilities


SPORÇİM LTD. STI. To provide a quality service in accordance with world standards to all its customers in the supply and assembly of Sports Field Equipment.
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